On November 12, 2020

Working From X

Working From X

Whether your preference is working from the office, at home, or in your local café, one thing is clear: the workforce of the future is Hybrid. Moving beyond the short-term solutions put in place after lockdown #1 abruptly hit, we will help you replace stopgap tools with market-leading technical solutions.

Reliable and secure connectivity

Superfast, secure connectivity, no matter where you’re working from

  • Home Connection

    An extension of your office at your home with a dedicated work connection

  • Virtual Private Network

    A virtual connection to your office in your home

Security you can count on

There has been an increase in the risk of cyber-attacks
  • Firewalls

    Firewall device in the office and at home

  • Device protection

    Anti-virus, anti-ransomware, disk encryption and mobile device management

  • Email protection

    Defend against spam, phishing, malware and ransomware attacks

Connecting dispersed teams & customers

Talk, collaborate and share, wherever you may be

  • Receive calls wherever you are

    Applications to turn your mobile into your office phone

  • Transfer calls

    Allowing calls to be transferred to remote workers as if they are in the office

  • Cloud collaboration tools

    Video conferencing, file sharing, instant messaging and more, all on one platform

All of the market leading products we offer are deployed and managed by Excell’s award-winning customer support team.

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