On June 1, 2017

Free Ransomware Protection: Try Sophos Intercept X

Free Ransomware Protection: Try Sophos Intercept X

WannaCry, Petya/NotPetya NHS attacks, Google Docs phishing attacks… 2017 has seen the rise of regular and devastating Cyber attacks. Business’s simply can not afford to be complacent.

No matter where you are on your security journey, Excell can provide your business with the right tools and expertise to ensure your business stays protected. That’s why we have worked with our partner Sophos to provide a free software download which will protect your business for 30 days against ransomware.

Protects against patient-zero, zero-day, drive-by downloads; memory-resident attacks; and process breaches with anti-exploit technology

CryptoGuard protects against all forms of crypto-ransomware, preventing spontaneous malicious encryption, and rolling back changes

Provides detailed, forensic-level analysis of the root cause of attacks and how to prevent them in the future

Includes Sophos Clean to eradicate the remains of any malware

Protect your PC and corporate network

Email bcs@excellgroup.com to start your free 30-day trial today

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